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High School Student Warrior (高校生戦士 Kōkōsei Senshi) is the fifteenth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Ako's best high school friend begins to worry about her keeping secrets from her regarding her duty as a member of Jetman.


Singing class at high school. The girls sing like angels, their voices sweet and pure. Especially Ako's best friend. Their teacher informs them that most of the class will be competing in a concert with choirs from other schools. But Ako might not be able to go, as she has been neglecting her practice. After school she is with her friends and her absolute best friend Kyoko offers to practice with her. Just then, her communicator beeps. Ako tries to blow it off and pretend it's nothing, setting a time to practice with Kyoko. "Tomorrow! I promise!" Kyoko takes it in stride, finding her buddy's behavior odd but not offended.

The Voice-monster sneaks quietly around, until it hears the excited sounds of women's voices. It absorbs the bell-like tones, leaving behind a distorted version of the truth. Confusion reigns among young women whose voices have suddenly become harsh and strange.

Ako is practicing alone in the music room, her voice a touch too tremulous, for she hasn't quite memorized the notes and words. As she sings, another voice, sure and strong, supports hers. She falls silent to admire Kyoko's singing. They are just about to begin practicing when the Jetman beeper goes off. Kyoko wonders, but Ako cannot explain, becoming more distressed as she is unable to share this huge part of her life with her friend. "But we always said we would tell each other everything!" protests Kyoko. Ako arrives late to help the others, seeing the Voice monster turn the energy it has stolen upon buildings, generating mass destruction. But now it needs more power, so it races around terrifying women. But when a young man falls at its feet, it chases him off. Ako worries about Kyoko and eventually finds her practicing outside. She warns her to keep silent and hide. However the Vyram attack, and Ako can't change into her costume in front of her friend, so when she is injured, Kyoko runs to help, calling her name. The monster takes her voice. The monster chased off, Kyoko retreats to her rooms, sobbing because her life has been ruined. Ako outside the door vows to find the thing that did this and make it better. When she runs out and shouts for the Vyram to give Kyoko her voice back, they take Ako's voice, too. She changes into costume to fight, only to find that Kyoko had followed her and witnessed it. The Jetmen chase the monster off again. Aya takes Kyoko in hand.

Raita remembers the man whom the machine had rejected as a donor. A plan is formulated. The machine needs more power, so it searches for women's voices to power it. It sees an old lady in a kimono by a river, tiptoes up behind her and gets her to turn around. Sure enough, she screams. But the monster's microphone shorts out. This is no woman! It's Raita! Everyone's voices return to normal. Kyoko arrives with Aya to cheer Ako on. Heartened, the young girl leads the fight against the Vyram.

At the concert, as they sing, Ako's beeper goes off. Without missing a beat, Kyoko shifts position. This allows Ako to slip off unnoticed. Riding away on her motorcycle, Ako cheers herself and her friend up.


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Jetman DVD Vol 2

Jetman Volume 2, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 2 features episodes 11-20. [1]