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Ep. 14: The Great Escape to the Blue Sky!

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This article is about a/an episode in Hikari Sentai Maskman.

The Great Escape to the Blue Sky! (青空への大脱出! Aozora e no Dai Dasshutsu!) is the fourteenth episode of Hikari Sentai Maskman. This episode sets up factors that will lead to a later storyline involving Akira.


Akira is dragged underground into a city where he meets children of Tube's empire who only dream of the surface and the sky.


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  • While the characters from this episode do not return, the consequences regarding Akira's rescue of the underground prisoners emerges near the end of the series.
  • Takeru and Haruka wear their second outfits until Episode 31.
  • Haruka's short bob has finally cut into shorter to make it as a boy cut.
    • In the Philippines, ABS-CBN news anchor and TV host, Ces Oreña Drilon has Haruka's hairstyle in her later years when she hosted Bandila and her defunct show, I Survived!.
  • Akira's Chinese training clothes are now red with gold outlines.

DVD releases

Maskman DVD Vol 2

Maskman Volume 2, DVD cover

Hikari Sentai Maskman Volume 2 features episodes 11-20. [1]


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