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Ep. 14: The Dummy-Style Lying Thief

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This article is about a/an episode in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Ep. 14: The Dummy-Style Lying Thief (ウソつきドロボーおバカ系 Usotsuki Dorobō o Baka-kei) is the fourteenth episode of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.


Amu has befriended siblings Kazuhiro and Marin Fuwa. Marin is battling a heavy illness that requires surgery overseas. Kazuhiro is working day and night at a security firm. He is starting work at a jewelry shop. Meanwhile, two players have arrived at the Sagittari Ark: Dorobozu and Hunterji. They belonged to Jagged’s team and want to reclaim their participation in the game. What will happen?


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DVD/Blu-ray Releases


Zyuohger Vol. 4 DVD

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Volume 4 features episodes 12-15: Ep. 12: The Short-Nose Elephant, Ep. 13: The Summit of Witnesses, Ep. 14: The Dummy-Style Lying Thief and Ep. 15: The Shiver-Raising Sniper.

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Zyuohger Collection 2, Blu-ray

Blu-ray Collection 2 comes with 12 episodes.


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