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Cup Noodles (カップめん Kappumen) is the tenth episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


A ramen-loving student obsessed with Ako is influenced by a noodle Dimensional Beast to create the ultimate product to win her love.


While walking home from school, Ako is called by Tatsuta, who is either a senior or a graduated student of her school. He is designing a new Ramen-noodle product and wants to use her to promote it. At first she refuses, but the thought of the royalties tempts her. While the young man is working on his recipe and logo, a creature steps into his small apartment. It looks adorable, like a puppy transformed into a cup-o-noodles. It tells him it is thekami or spirit of Ramen. Together they complete the recipe and logo, once getting so involved in their work that the kami forgets to refresh its water, and the young man does it for him. And one day, Ako looks up and sees to her horror a commercial playing with Ako-chan Ramen. Everyone buys it. Ako arrives at the Sky-camp to see that her fellow Jetmen also bought some and are singing the theme song.

What no one knows is, Ako-ramen is contaminated with Toran's magic, and the song he plays on his flute sends everyone who ate the ramen berserk. A little girl waiting with stoic patience in line for the merry-go-round suddenly shoves her way through and ends up standing on the attendant demanding to be let on. An office worker grabbing a bite to eat instead of going out to lunch suddenly starts smashing up the office in a fury. Gai has to knock out a woman waiting in line at the bank (or is it the post office) because she starts attacking everyone.Of course it doesn't end there. Raita suddenly goes berserk, wanting to fight the Vyram right NOW.

And in his apartment, the young man is horrified when he turns on the news and hears that these cases of violence have been linked to his Ramen. Ako comes in to demand an explanation. Laughing, the kami arrives and then transforms in a cloud of steam. Ako fights but is temporarily caught by the kami. It needs water, though, and the young man captures the kettle and races around trying to keep the kami from getting it. Ako breaks free and she and the other Jetmen finally destroy the Ramen monster.

Afterwards, they sit together and she tells him she forgives him for causing all this trouble, whereupon he announces that Ako-chan 2 is already in the making. She threatens to whap him one.


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Jetman DVD Vol 1

Jetman Volume 1, DVD cover

Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 1 features episodes 1-10. [1]