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Enter... The Lizzinator is the fifty-seventh episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, season 1.


Kimberly helps her cousin Kelly try to make the junior high cheerleading squad, but Rita plans to use Kelly to lure the Rangers into a battle with the nigh-invincible Lizzinator.


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  • The Lizzinator is something of a parodic reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger; its name is an obvious play on the Terminator, and it speaks with a faux-Austrian accent.
  • This episode is the first time all six Rangers morph together since Tommy regained his powers.
  • The cars in the Zyu2 footage have plainly-visible California license plates.
  • The book "The Super Zords" was based on this episode.
  • This episode marks the last time in which Billy wears overalls.
  • Although she was mentioned as being part of Angel Grove High's cheerleading squad in the series bible and on some merchandise, this episode marks the only mention of Kimberly's time as a cheerleader in the show.
  • Kelly's capture scene was filmed at Castaic Lake, near Los Angeles.
  • It is revealed that Putties can drive.


  • The 'Previously on Power Rangers' segment refers to Kelly as being Kimberly's friend when she is actually family, her cousin in fact.
  • When Finster told Rita that the Lizzinator was almost ready, he appeared to be carving Bones.
  • Though he morphs with the other Rangers, Tommy is absent from the initial battle with the Lizzinator.
  • For some reason the core five Rangers don't immediately summon their Zords when Lizzinator is turned giant, forcing Dragonzord to fight the monster alone.


Rita Repulsa: (to Baboo and Squat) Don't worry, the Putties will do the thinking.
Jason: What? Putties can drive?!
(Putty begins driving directly at him)
Jason: Whoa! Yep, they can drive!
Jason: Log on!
Zack: Zack here. Let's lose this lizard!
Billy: Billy here. Ready for action!
Trini: Trini here. Ready to rock!
Kimberly: I just love this part!