This article is about a/an set of net movies in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

On June 2, 2008, Toei announced on its various official websites that there would be a series of short five-minute internet movies that are spin-offs of both King of the Castle in the Demon World and Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!! to be accessed by a mobile phone service. In the case of Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!, the featurettes are called Engine Sentai Go-onger: Bom Bom! Bom Bom! Net de Bong!! (炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャーBONBON!BONBON!ネットでBONG!! Enjin Sentai Gōonjā Bonbon! Bonbon! Netto de Bon!!), released on July 11, 2008 on the mobile site, and in December 2008 on DVD. In "Bom Bom! Bom Bom! Net de Bong", the Gaiark Pollution Ministers begin setting up their plan break the dimensional barriers that separate the Braneworlds in order to create their Gaiark haven, setting up the opening sequences for the actual movie. However, while the Go-ongers are trapped in Samurai World, the Ministers attempt to take advantage of the event by subduing Bomper, who battles them personally when they attempt to set a trap for the Go-ongers as they return to their dimension. [1][2]

Unlike Kiva, where Net Movies would be attached to all Kamen Rider Series Summer Movies from then on, Go-Onger was unfortanutely a one-off and no future Super Sentai summer films have net movies.


  1. Dimensions Mingling? Bom-Bom (次元が混ざる?ボンボン Jigen ga Mazaru? Bonbon)
  2. The Barbaric Machine Beasts' Great Revival? Bom-Bom (蛮機獣が大復活?ボンボン Bankijū ga Dai Fukkatsu? Bonbon)
  3. Mysterious Three-Man Group? Bom-Bom (謎の三人組?ボンボン Nazo no Sanningumi? Bonbon)
  4. The Go-Ongers Missing? Bom-Bom (ゴーオンジャー行方不明?ボンボン Gōonjā Yukuefumei? Bonbon)
  5. The Returning Heroes? Bom-Bom (ヒーロー帰還?ボンボン Hīrō Kikan? Bonbon)