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This article is about a/an song in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This is the second of the "Engine Laps" which make up all Go-Onger ending themes, all of which have the same musical rhythm but each with a different arrangement and lyrics.

The second of the four main "Laps" is about the second three of the Engines, Engine Birca, Engine Gunpherd and Engine Carrigator. When used as Go-onger endings, a different stanza can be used in different episodes, thus allowing for different parts of the song to be utilized.

  • Lyricist = Mike Sugiyama 
  • Composer / Arranger = Ooishi Ken'ichirou (Project.R) 
  • Singer = Project.R (Takatori Hideaki, Gojou Mayumi, Tanimoto Takayoshi, Sister MAYO, Ooishi Ken'ichirou) 

with Engine Kids

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Engine number 4 Full throttle Birca
Midori (Midori) Midori (Midori) Midori midori
Signal midori sa
Baru (Baru) Baru (Baru) Baru baru
Shachi hoko barazu GO!
Raten na koujou kibun wa joujou
High na gouon spin da GO-ON!
Kiwadoi pinchi mo handoru sousa de
Honoo no wheelie Hang-On!
Ikashita nakama to migakiai
Hashiri mo mirror mo yasashisa mo
Risou wo oikose Engine Sentai Go-onger

Kyokunori waru nori toki ni wa gakkari
Soredemo ashita ga al dente

Engine number 5 kinkyuu shutsudou! Gunpherd
Kuro (Kuro) Kuro (Kuro) Kuro kuro
Kurouto konomi sa
Gan (Gan) Gan (Gan) Gan gan
Wan! Daa police GO!
Ima da shuuchuu hyappatsu hyakuchuu
Hoeru gouon uchikome GO-ON!
Akuji no nioi wo sokkou kagitsuke
Genba e kyuukou yooi don
Kondo wa kimira no machi kamo ne
Sasurai nagara mo patrol
Yondara kotaeru Engine Sentai Go-onger

Cool ni omoi to hyouteki tsuranuke
Shouen hitofuki ude ga naru

Engine number 6 sessha Carrigator
Dai (Dai) Dai (Dai) Dai dai
Daitan futeki ni
Geta (Geta) Geta (Geta) Geta getaa
Aa Alligator ya GO!
Ideyo hanagataa Ai wakattaa
Utae gouon ukiyo ni GO-ON!
Warusa wo shitatte senryou yakusha no
Hikitate yaku daa kekka ron!
Hora hora zako domo kozakashii
Shimei no scale chigau no sa
Seigi wa tsuyosa da Engine Sentai Go-onger

Iza iza mairou A, kamitsuki gomen!
Ohako wa gouriki museigen

Engine Number 4! Full throttle Birca
Green (green) green (green) green green
The light is green
Baru (baru) baru (baru) baru baru
He's no solemn whale! Go!
With Latin words and feeling great
With a high roar. Spin! Go on!
In a dangerous pinch, use the handle to do a...
...flaming wheely! Hang on!
Polishing his friendship with the dolphins
When racing, his mirror and kindness...
...are beyond ideal! Engine Sentai Go-Onger!

Sometimes when overdoing a trick, it's disappointing. (Barubaru!)
Despite that, there is tomorrow al dente

Go on!
Engine Number 5! Emergency deploy! Gunpherd!
Black (black) black (black) black black
He likes professionals
Gan (gan) gan (gan) gan gan
Bark! The police go!
Focus now! 100 shots, 100 hits
With a howl roar. Go on!
Sniff out the villainy
Hurry to the scene? Ready? Go!
Next time he might come to your town
Patrolling while traveling
If you call, they'll answer! Engine Sentai Go-Onger

With cool feelings, pierce the target (Gan gan!)
Blow away that gun smoke. He's good
Go on!

Engine Number 6! I am Carrigator
Dai (dai) dai (dai) dai dai
With great audacity
Geta (geta) geta (geta) geta geta
Ah alligator! Go!
Here comes the star! He knows love
With a poetic roar! Fleeting life! Go on!
Those that do evil...
...are merely foils for the stars!
Look, the small fish are being little and sneaky
The scale of the mission is much different
Justice is strength! Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Going at the crucial moment! Ah, sorry for biting! (Geta!)
His favorite phrase is: There is no limit to the strong
Go on!

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