This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Kishamoth's soul form

Engine Kishamoth (炎神キシャモス Enjin Kishamosu) is a hybrid of a Mammoth and a steam locomotive. He is split into two items when in storage, an Engine Cast and the number 10 Engine Soul. He forms Kyouretsu-O's torso, head, and arms Engine-O G12's lower legs, hip armor, and the back of the head. His nose spouts out freezing mist in his Ice Age Express ( Aisu Eiji Ekusupuresu) attack.

Appears in GP 32, with his fellow Ancient Engines, T-line and K-line, who can attach to Kishamoth to form a train. It's appearance made generations of people call this form the "Gold Dragon". Kishamoth has a peaceful nature, and tries not to be rough. He easily trusts both the humans and the other Engines.

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