This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Bowhale' Soul Form

"Everyone's in first class!! Engine Jum-bowhale!"
―Jum-bowhale's roll call[src]

Engine Jum-bowhale (炎神ジャンボエール Enjin Janboēru) is a hybrid of a blue whale and a jumbo jetplane, with an alternate jet mode. He ends his sentences with "Bowhale!" (ボエル Boeru!) and "~de aru/de R" (であ~る de āru). He is split into two items when in storage, an Engine Cast and the number 9 Engine Soul. It is the main body of Engine Gattai SeiKuu-O. To form Engine-O G9, he connects to Engine-O G6's back.

After coming to the conclusion that Engines and humans need to work together, he created the Go-Onger's and Go-On Wing's weapons and transformation devices in order to create a way to strengthen the bond and powers of the Engines soul and their human partners' hearts.

He is able to appear inside any holographic projector or transformation device even if his Soul is not inserted into that device because "as a mentor, he shows up any time a person is in need of his guidence"

He first makes a short cameo in the end of episode 19. Jum-bowhale is Hiroto and Miu Sutou's mentor who trained them in Machine World. Attacks with "Bowhale Beam". Says "Attention please! Take off!" when he takes to the air, and says "Attention please! Jet Mode!" to go into his jet mode. Jetras refers to Jum-bowhale as either "Veteran Hero" and "Air Commander Jum-bowhale".


  • There is one more version of Jum-bowhale in the Power Rangers adaptation, RPM- a black repaint-the Doomsday Weapon that Venjix created.
  • He is the first mecha to be a mentor to any rangers.


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