This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Gunpherd's soul form

"The hard-boiled dispatch!! Engine Gunpherd!"
―Gunpherd's roll call[src]

Engine Gunpherd (炎神ガンパード Enjin Ganpādo) is Go-On Black's Partner Engines, a hybrid of a German Shepherd and a racing Police Car. He pursues enemies and acts like he is the law. The Engines refer to him as 'Sniper,' he is stubborn and much like a detective, he didn't want to acknowledge Gunpei as his partner but did accept his help to find his Engine Cast. He also has a strong sense of justice & will never tolarate a mistake (as shown in episode 7, he blamed Gunpei for missing 3 shots in the battle between their new combination & Speaker Banki). His Engine Cast fell in the hands of a little boy, who considered it his treasure. Gunpei finally retrieved it by saving the boy and getting it back in exchange as a favor, after failing to retrieve it before.

Known as a sniper for his cannon nose, the Gunpherd Gun, Gunpherd pursues enemies in a hot chase with an equally burning sense of justice.


Eyecatch Race


Winner: Gunpherd.

Having won ten of the Eyecatch races counting the shared win in the finale, Gunpherd comes 3rd place out of the five Engines.


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