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This article is about a/an mecha robo in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
Combined From:
Sentai Show: Engine Sentai Go-Onger
First Appearance: GP 20: Siblings Battle!?
Last Appearance: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!
Number of Episode

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Length: 28.6 m
(Wings): 43.6 m
Width: 40.5 m
(Wingspan): 77 m
Height: 53 m
Weight: 3000 t
Speed: 1225 km/h
Power: 15,000,000

"Engine Fusion - Mission Start! Seikuu-O, Tune up! Go On!"

Engine Gattai Seikuu-O (炎神合体セイクウオー Enjin Gattai Seikūō, lit. "Mastery of the Air King"), known as the "Sky Punching King of the Heavens" (空を制する天気の王 Sora o Seisuru Tenki no Ō), is formed when Engine Toripter, Jetras and Jum-bowhale combine.

Attacks are Toripcutter (トリプカッター Toripukattā), Jetras Boomerang (ジェットラスブーメラン Jettorasu Būmeran), Jetori Turbulence (ジェットリタービュランス Jettori Tābyuransu), and the Seikuu Sonic (セイクウソニック Seikū Sonikku)

Seikuu-O's finisher is the Seikuu Impulse (セイクウインパルス Seikū Inparusu), where an arrow of energy forms inbetween Jetora's fangs, and is pulled back to create a bow of energy. Once the charge is complete, the arrow is let loose, sending flying into an enlarged target with unrelenting force. It is played by Yuichi_Hachisuka.

Engine-O G9

See also: SkyRev Megazord

"G9 Formation - Engine Fusion! Engine-O G9 Tune up! Go-on!"

Engine-O G9 (エンジンオーG9, Enjin'ō Jī Nain), known as the "Earth and Air Reigning King" (空と大地に君臨する王, Sora to Daichi ni Kunrin suru Ō), is a combinations of Engines 1 to 9, piloted by the five Go-Ongers and the Go-On Wings team. The combination is simple, with Engines Toripter and Jetras landing on Engine-O G6's shoulders and Engine Jum-bowhale attaching to its back, Toripter's tails forming "goggles" for Speedor and Jetra's rudder and elevators form the helmet.

Its finisher is G9 Grand Prix (G9グランプリー Jī Nain Guran Purī). Last Wish

Other Combinations

Seikuu-O Gunpherd

With Engine Gunpherd, Seikuu-O becomes Seikuu-O Gunpherd (セイクウオーガンパード Seikuo Ganpado), Toripter's turrets and the Gunpherd Gun in its Guntori Gunfire (ガントリーガンファイヤー Gantori Ganfaiya). GP 38: The Maidens' Sanctity

Seikuu-O Birca

With Engine Birca, Seikuu-O becomes Seikuu-O Birca (セイクウオーバルカ Seikūō Baruka), using the Bircutter and Jetras's fangs in its Birtras Torahawk (バルトラストラホーク Barutorasu Torahōku). GP 44: Protect Christmas Eve

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