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This is the first of the "Engine Laps" which make up all Go-Onger ending themes, all of which have the same musical rhythm but each with a different arrangement and lyrics.

The first of the four main "Laps" is the most used ending in Go-Onger and is about the first three of the Engines, Engine Speedor, Engine Bus-on and Engine Bearrv. When used as Go-onger endings, a different stanza can be used in different episodes, thus allowing for different parts of the song to be utilized. This would become common for all of the four main Go-onger "Laps" as well as Gokaiger ending Super Sentai Hero Getter.

  • Lyricist = Yatsude Saburou (pseudonym for Toei staff), Mike Sugiyama
  • Composer / Arranger = Ooishi Ken'ichirou (Project.R)
  • Singer = Project.R (Tanimoto Takayoshi, Sister MAYO, Ooishi Ken'ichirou)

with Engine Kids

Romanized Lyrics

This version sings about Speedor (episodes 1-8, 14 and 49), Bus-on (9-13, 15-17 and 48) and BearRV (18-21, 26, and 47).

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Enjin nanbaa wan! Butchigire Supiidoru!

Aka aka aka aka aka aka
Makka na bodi ni
Doru doru doru doru doru doru
Kondoru souru GO!

Ikimasu enjin yuuki jinjin
Unare gouon kattobe GO ON!
Pikapika bodi ni seigi no souru wo
Surottoin surya me ga weiku!
Inochi no mashin to yuujou de
Daati akuma wo buchinuku sa
Mae shika mienai, Enjin Sentai GO-ON-JAA!

Onsoku koete mo madamada tarinee
Ikuze, aibou doko made mo

Enjin nanbaa tsu! Gatten shouchi Basuon!

Ao ao ao ao ao ao
Aogeba kyodai ni
On on on on on on
Raion haato GO!

Kokoro no ourai hassha oorai
Shibui gouon hibikase GO ON!
Hakai ya osen wa yurushicha okanee
Kora! Gaiaaku yo getto auei!
Chikyuu ga genki wo nakushite 'ru
"Ganbare!" ouen hajimeta hi
Minna nareru n' da Enjin Sentai GO-ON-JAA!

Magatta michi demo massugu susumu dei
Onori no yarou wa ohayame ni

Enjin nanbaa surii! Metcha okee, Beaaru!

Kiiro kiiro kiiro kiiro kiiro kiiro
Kiiroi koe shite
Bui bui bui bui bui bui
Iwaseru beaa GO!

Uchi-ra no kankei sou miraikei
Shaberu gouon ukeru de GO ON!
Rajiaru jiguzagu daichi to akushu
Shikkari kibou wo nabigeito!
Ashita e tsunagaru saakitto
Hayaku nari taiya dare yori mo
Kuruma de matenai Enjin Sentai GO-ON-JAA!

Gake ni mo boku ni mo honki de tsukkome!
Reedii wa aikyou dokonjou

Engine Number 1! Tear through and win, Speedor!

Red, red, red, red, red, red
In a deep red body
Drr, drr, drr, drr, drr, drr
Condor soul, go!

A living engine, with tingling courage
With a thunderous roar, fly to your victory, go on!
A just soul in a sparkling body
When you slot it in, his eyes open!
Being friends with a machine life
Allows us to burst through devils
We don't see a thing but what's ahead, Engine Sentai Go-On-ger!

Surpassing the speed of sound is still not enough
Let's go, partner, wherever it is
Go on!

Engine Number 2! Acknowledging acceptance, Bus-on!

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue
Dependable and huge
On, on, on, on, on, on
Lion heart, go!

In the come-and-go of the heart, he sets off, all right!
A cool roar echoes, "go on!"
He can't allow the destructive pollution
Hey! Gaiark! Get away!
As Earth is losing its good spirit
That's the day we start cheering "do your best!"
Everyone can become Engine Sentai Go-On-ger!

Even when you take a turn, you'll still advance forward
The guy who is riding is coming early
Go on!

Engine Number 3! Extremely OK, BearRV!

Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow
With a yellow voice
V, V, V, V, V, V
She can say "bear", go!

Our relationship is in the future tense
Receive the chattering voice, go on!
She greets the earth with a radial zigzag
Navigating tightly on hope!
In the circuit that's connected to tomorrow
Her tires run faster than anyone else's
The cars won't wait, Engine Sentai Go-On-ger!

Be it on the edge or being ourselves, we dive into it seriously!
A lady with love, respect and disposition
Go on!

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