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This article is about a/an song in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This is the seventh of the "Engine Laps" which make up all Go-Onger ending themes, all of which have the same musical rhythm but each with a different arrangement and lyrics.

The final of the four main "Laps" is about the final three of the Engines, Engine Kishamoth, Engine T-line and Engine K-line. When used as Go-onger endings, a different stanza can be used in different episodes, thus allowing for different parts of the song to be utilized.

  • Lyricist = Mike Sugiyama 
  • Composer / Arranger = Ooishi Ken'ichirou (Project.R) 
  • Singer = Project.R

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Engine number 10 Shuppatsu shinkou Kishamoth
Enji (Enji) Enji (Enji) Enji enji
Go-senzo Engine
Pao (Pao) Pao (Pao) Paoon
Kisaku na mammoth GO!
Gacchiri renketsu yatsura to taiketsu
Tsuzuku gouon hippare GO-ON!
Uwasa ni kikoeta tegowai teki demo
Hirumi wa shinaize Heat is on!
Aite ga tsuyokerya tsuyoi hodo
Dekkai yarigai taoshi gai
Makezugirai daze Engine Sentai Go-onger

Hanatakadaka ni kiteki to otakebi
Sokudokei furikiri Soko dokei!

Engine number 11 Zenpou chuui T-LINE
Shiro (Shiro) Shiro (Shiro) Shiro shiro
Shiroboshi tsuzuki sa
Gao (Gao) Gao (Gao) Gaoon!
Puri T-REX GO!
Jounetsu tokkyuu go-jousha THANK YOU
Byun to gouon mabataku GO-ON!
Gizagiza ooguchi emono wo CLUTCH
Sorosoro todome da ii darou!
Ashinami soroete nanori age
Saishuu CORNER hade ni ike
Saikou TEAM da Engine Sentai Go-onger

Tomare to iwarete sugu ni wa tomarenai
Tobidashi kinshi da Densha-rous

Engine number 12 Zensoku zenshin K-LINE
Mizu (Mizu) Mizu (Mizu) Mizuiro
Gyao (Gyao) Gyao (Gyao) Gyaoon!
TRIPLE chekera GO!
Tsugi wa tekkyou tamashii hankyou
Yureru gouon tsuuka da GO-ON!
Kunan no TUNNEL mayotta toki ni wa
Zenin LIGHT de terasou
Kirei na sekai wo mamoritai
Kugutta GATE wa hajimari da
Checkerflag Engine Sentai Go-onger

Umare wa inishie sou higashi e nishi e
Senro wa shika RAIL tsuzuiteku

Engine Number 10! Take off, straight ahead, Kishamoth
Dark-red (dark-red) dark-red (dark-red) dark-red dark-red
Ancestor Engine
Pao (pao) pao pao paoon
Good natured mammoth! Go!
Link up! Fight them!
Continuous roar! Pull them! Go on!
Even against tough enemies...
...he does not falter. Heat is on!
Got to have strong opponents...
...for it to be worth doing
Hates to lose Engine Sentai Go-Onger

With his nose high up, crying out with his steam whistle (pao pao)
Breaking the speedometer! Out of the way!
Go on!

Engine Number 11! Watch out ahead, Tyline
White (white) white (white) white white
The following white star
Gao (gao) gao gao gaoon!
Pretty-Rex go!
The passionate express. Thanks for boarding
With a vroom roar! Twinkle! Go on!
With his jagged large mouth, he crunches his prey
Finish him! Okay!
Keep up the pace. Make a name for yourself!
Make that last corner showy!
The ultimate team! Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Even if told to stop, he does not stop right away (gao gao)
Jumping the tracks is not allowed. It's train-gerous
Go on!

Engine Number 12! Full speed ahead, Keline
Water (water) water (water) water colored
Gyao (gyao) gyao gyao gyaoon
Triple check it out! Go!
Next is on railway bridge. The soul reverberates
A shaking roar. Pass through. Go on!
Through the tunnels of hardship, when lost...
...use the forward light to light the way
He wants to protect this beautiful world
Start passing through the goal
Checker flag! Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Born in ancient times. Go east, go west (gyao gyao)
All paths are restricted to a rail. Continuing on
Go on!

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