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This article is about a/an song in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This is the third of the "Engine Laps" which make up all Go-Onger ending themes, all of which have the same musical rhythm but each with a different arrangement and lyrics.

This special Engine Lap is tied to the main enviornmental theme of Go-Onger and is used to inspire kids to recycle.

  • Lyricist = Mike Sugiyama 
  • Composer / Arranger = Ooishi Ken'ichirou (Project.R) 
  • Singer = Engine Kids

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

BAN BAN (BAN BAN) kimi no ban
Sou aasu no tame ni
BUN BUN (BUN BUN) gomi shobun
Eikou no shouri e GO!

Denki wa mahha de suitchi ofu da ze
Zubari to sumoggu harashite GO-ON!
Kaimono sumairu hora eko baggu
dokidoki shigen wa sairiyou

Dasshu de osen wo bureiki sa
Umi sora daichi ga kirakira no
Chikyuu ga daisuki Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Kibou ga "R" kara ganbareru

Hero Number 1! Cleanliness-loving Go-Ongers
Turn (turn) turn (turn)! It's your turn!
Yes, for the future
Bun (bun) bun (bun)! Dispose off the garbage
Victory for eco! Go!

Turn off the lights at mach speed
Just clear the smoke! Go on!
Shopping smile. Look, an eco bag
Dokidoki reuse resources

Dash and brake on pollution
Sea, sky, land are sparkling
They love the Earth. Engine Sentai Go-Onger!

Reduce, reuse, recycle, let's start
We can do our best because there's hope
Go on!

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