This article is about a/an a race of sentient mecha in Super Sentai series, most notably in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

This category lists all the sentient Engines featured in Engine Sentai Go-Onger. Aside from the twelve engines in Go-Onger, a thirteenth Engine, Machalcon, son of Speedor and Bear RV, appears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

The Go-Ongers' mecha are the Engines (炎神, Enjin), denizens of Machine World with some of them pursuing Gaiark, choosing the Go-Ongers as their partners to fight Gaiark with them. While in the Human World, the Engines cannot exist in their full size and thus remove their Engine Souls to assume small forms called the Engine Casts which are kept in the Engine Attache (Enjin Atasshu) until they are needed, resuming their true size on Earth for only 10 minutes, or suffer fatal rusting. But to fight, the Engines need the aid of humans to resume their true forms, their hearts allow the Engines to assume more powerful forms.

Among Engines are two races, the large Gian Race (ジャイアン族, Jaian Zoku) that can combine with other Engines and the rare Wing Race (ウイング族, Uingu Zoku) that are masters of aerial combat.

It should be noted that the Engine Souls could be placed in different Engine Casts. In example, Hanto was so distracted in love with Kegalesia in disguise, that he sped through a fight with the Bate Heater Banki and tosses the Engine Souls in incorrect casts: Bear RV was in Buson; Carrigator was in Bear RV; Birca was in Speedor; Gunpherd was in Birca; Buson was in Gunpherd; and Speedor was in Carrigator.

Number: 1
Driven by: Sosuke Esumi
Number: 2
Driven by: Renn Kousaka
Bear RV
Number: 3
Driven by: Saki Rouyama
Number: 4
Driven by: Hanto Jou
Number: 5
Driven by: Gunpei Ishihara
Number: 6
Summoned by: Hanto Jou and Gunpei Ishihara
Number: 7
Piloted by: Hiroto Sutou
Number: 8
Piloted by: Miu Sutou
Number: 9
Summoned by: Hiroto Sutou and Miu Sutou
Number: 10
Piloted by: Sosuke Esumi
Number: 11
Summoned by Sosuke Esumi
Number: 12
Summoned by Sosuke Esumi
Number: 13
Summoned by Gokaigers via Go-Onger Ranger Keys

Wandering Engines

Introduced in the movie, the Wandering Engines (流れ炎神, Nagare Enjin) were robbed of their hearts and Engine Casts by Maki's magic when they came to Samurai World, assuming human forms. Once in their true forms, they are able to combine into the Samurai World's analog of Engine-O, Engine Daishogun.

Engine Casts


Engine Casts (Speedor, Buson, Bear RV, Birca, Gunpherd and Carrigator)

Engine Casts are the smaller forms of the Engines, with the exception of Engine Machalcon's. They are lifeless, as seen with their blacked-out eyes. Their value lies when the Engine Souls are inserted into them. Once done, they increase in size, back to their original form. The casts can also have the souls in them but have the option to remain in Engine Cast size.

  1. Engine Speedor - The back part splits horizontally to reveal the slot for Engine Soul 1
  2. Engine Buson - The top back has two slots, one for a Soul-like item which folds out into a sword, and the other for Engine Soul 2
  3. Engine Bear RV - The back has a simple trapdoor opening for Engine Soul 3.
  4. Engine Birca - The back wheels split to reveal an opening for Engine Soul 4.
  5. Engine Gunpherd - The back has a simple trapdoor opening for Engine Soul 5.
  6. Engine Carrigator - The mouth flap opens to reveal a slot for Engine Soul 6.
  7. Engine Toripter - The back has a simple trapdoor opening for Engine Soul 7.
  8. Engine Jetras - The back has a simple trapdoor opening for Engine Soul 8.
  9. Engine Jum-bowhale - The Bottom has pull-down wheels to reveal an opening for Engine Soul 9.
  10. Engine Kishamoth-Under the front wheels reveals an opening for Engine Soul 10.
  11. Engine T-line- The back has a slot for Engine Soul 11
  12. Engine K-line- The back has a slot for Engine Soul 12
  13. Engine Machalcon- The side has a slot for Engine Soul 13. This is done through GokaiOh whilst in giant size.


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