This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Carrigator's Soul Form

"The giant celebrity!! Engine Carrigator!"
―Carrigator's roll call[src]

Engine Carrigator (炎神キャリゲーター Enjin Kyarigētā) is an orange alligator and trailer hybrid that is a carrier-type Engine who belongs to the Legendary Gian Clan. He appears in Episode 7. He has a samurai persona and has the ability to carry about 2 Engines on his back. He ends his sentences with "~de gozaru" and "Gator Gaator!". Carrigator came from the Machine World and chased after Bompe Bankin. Bompe made the Go-Onger believe Carrigator was on the Gaiark's side. The other Engines didn't know him personal, but knew about Gian Engines, mostly in school. Birca and Gunpherd attacked Carrigator and he bit unto Gunpherd. Initially, he didn't want a partner. But, once witnessing the lengths the humans would go for their partners, he befriended them. Being of the powerful and legendary Gian Clan, Carrigator can combine with any Engine without need of a human partner. His known only flaws are that he takes much more time getting charged than the other Engines, as well as being a voracious eater (in fact, his Engine Soul is slipped into his mouth). He forms the main body of Engine Gattai GunBir-O and the feet of Engine-Oh G6, G9, and G12, as well as the helmet of Engine-O G6. Though he came on Earth to fight the Gaiarc, he teams up with Gunpei and Hanto to understand the concept of "partner".


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