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This article is about a/an companion/ally who doubles as a mecha vehicle in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
Engine Bus-on
Number: 2
Pilot: Go-on Blue
Sentai: Engine Sentai Go-Onger
First Appearance: Allies of Justice
Last Appearance: Partner Pirate
Number of Episode
50 (Go-Onger)
2 (Gokaiger)
4 (Movies)
Full list of appearances
Length: 36.8 m
Width: 13.7 m
Height: 15.6 m
Weight: 1300 tons
Speed: 300 km/h
Power: 5,000,000
Voice Actor: Hisao Egawa

Bus-on's soul form

"The stylish, dashing safety driver!! Engine Bus-on!"
―Bus-on's roll call[src]

Engine Bus-on (炎神バスオン Enjin Basuon?) is Go-On Blue's Partner Engine, a hybrid of a bus and a lion, it has pure force. On his front screen, he can scroll various words such as "Stop" and "Go Go-Onger!" He is equipped with the Bus-on Missiles. He has the habit of saying "OnOn." He has brute strength and Buson Missiles.

He features prominently in the end credits of Go-Onger Episodes 9 onwards.

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