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This article is about a/an monster in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

Prisoner #2707, Energy Thief Uugo (エネルギー窃盗犯・ウーゴ Enerugī Settōhan Ūgo, 23): A Marshallian, in for 3 years, due to his reckless energy consumption. He had the ability to suck and absorb energy. What makes him dangerous is his kind's ability to unleash a terrible energy blacklash upon being wounded. He was released by Gien, under the assumption that the Londerz could take advantage of the blackouts he causes with his ability. TimeRed attempted to stop him on his own, only to be hurt by the ensuing shockwave. Uugo eventually made his way to the power plant, where Gien was stationed and planned to make Uugo discharge every wattage of power to destroy the entire city. The Timerangers interfered, with TimeRed using the Assault Vector to defeat him while removing his energy. Gien forcefully enlarged Uugo, who was soon brought in by Shadow Beta.



concept art

  • Uugo's motif is the one of a caterpillar
  • Depression Seals Location: Left Shoulder

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