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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Megaforce.
End Game (Megaforce)
Power Rangers Megaforce, Episode 20x20
End Game
Air date November 30, 2013
Written by Seth Walther
Directed by John Laing
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The Messenger (episode)
Super Megaforce (episode)
For the RPM episode, see End Game (RPM).

End Game [1] is the twentienth and final episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. This episode marks the final appearance of The Messenger and Metal Alice.


When Cyborg Vrak, Metal Alice and the Messenger launch a vicious attack against the Mega Rangers, it will take all their powers and abilities to save the earth.


After a heated battle against Cyborg Vrak, the rangers are weakened and their morphers are burnt. The Messenger then arrives and reveals Vrak's identity as a prince to the rangers. He then attacks and demorphs the rangers, but rangers don't give up and fight the Messenger unmorphed. Robo Knight appears and fights the Messenger alone and is defeated. He then transfers his morpher's energy to the Gosei Morphers and hands his Robo Blaster to Troy. With their powers restored, they manage to defeat the Messenger, but before he explodes, he reveals that he is only first on a long list of invaders of Earth. Vrak recovers and tries to fight the rangers but is stopped by Metal Alice, who battles the rangers instead. After a quick fight, the rangers defeat her. Vrak walks over to where The Messenger's head is. the Messenger's head tells Vrak to run, saying that the Armada is coming and they will not recognize him is his cyborg form. The rangers demorph and try to find Robo Knight, who has disappeared. Gosei alerts the rangers that the Armada is about to attack. The rangers re-morph and the Armada begins its invasion. The rangers run in the forest, but Troy takes a different path to find Robo Knight.


Minor Cast


  • Metal Alice is destroyed for the second and final time in this episode.
  • The Messenger is "destroyed" in this episode. 
  • When Sky Dynamic was used, Troy says it, though not Emma.
  • Metal Alice foreshadows the joining of the Historic Rangers by saying "Even if you had a hundred more rangers beside you, you couldn't stop me!"
  • First appearance of the Armada's foot soldiers, the basic X Borgs and higher Bruisers.
  • The scenes adapted from Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle are either reshot or heavily edited to exclude Robo Knight from them.
  • This episode is recapped during the next episode Super Megaforce. The same concept was used when Power Rangers Turbo's final episode was recapped during the first episode of Power Rangers In Space.
  • This would be the final episode of the series to utilize Goseiger footage, until the Super Megaforce episode, Vrak Is Back.

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