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"I am Elestomp! What do you want me to smash?"
―Elestomp's first line.[src]
Elestomp is an elephant demon that serves as one of the two minor villains of the episode "Wheels of Destruction".

Character Histoy

This elephant-like monster was summon by Loki to destroy Mariner Bay and the Rangers, when the Rangers came they tried to battled Elestomp, but they were out matched, he sent shock-waves through the ground to destroy the city. He charged through the rangers with full force, Elestomp was ultimately destroyed with a single shot of the Rescuebird.


Elestomp was a bastful monster that loves to weack havack on Mariner Bay.

Power's and abilitys

  • Strength: Elestomp is one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to charge through five of the Lightspeed Rangers with ease.
  • Shock-Waves: By stomping his feet into the ground, he can cause massive shock-waves.
  • Trunk Spelunker: By pushing his trunk nose straight through the ground, he can cause a large fire pillar to erupted from the ground.
  • Eye Lasers: From his eyes, he can fire green energy lasers.


  • Tusks: Being an elephant type monster, he can use his tusks to ram his enemies with.

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