Eikichi Nashida (Takashi Yamanaka) kidnapped Ahim, trying to hold her ransom. But after she promptly disarmed him of the toy gun he was carrying and revealed herself to be a space pirate, Nashida begged forgiveness as he confessed to her that he needed the money to pay back a mobster. Hoping to help him, she called her shipmates and unknowingly made them think she had been kidnapped. Attempting to clear up the incident, Nashida found himself listening to Captain Marvelous' death threat for taking one of his crew. Suddenly, Ahim and Nashida were confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, who is tracking down Poisole - a special metal which produces a neurotoxin once charged with electricity. Ahim got Nashida - who apparently had the Poisole on him - to safety as the Gokai Galleon crew came in guns blazing and found Ahim's necklace, with Navi's Zangyack detection having them jump to the conclusion that they were behind the kidnapping. After briefly evading Zaggai, and confirming the Poisole on his person, Ahim assured Nashida he was not a loser as she pointed out he saved Earth's people compared to her outliving her own and taking a new path. Zaggai arrived by then with the Gormin as the other Gokaigers appeared soon after. After Zaggai attempted to explain to her crew mates that he was not a kidnapper, GokaiPink led her crew into battle with Nashida understanding her words of finding a new path to take. Using the powers of the Gingamen, the Gokaigers brutalized Zaggai before finishing him off with the Gokai Blast. The enlarged Action Commander was destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh. After the fight, with the Poisole thrown into the sea to be neutralized by the salt water, Ahim wished Nashida the best of luck and tells him to call her if he needed any help. Tell Me the Way