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This article is about a/an location in Battle Fever J.

Egos Headquarters is the secret underground headquarters of the Secret Society Egos. Its location is unknown but it possesses multiple entrances throughout Tokyo and maze-like corridors to reach. The main chamber of the headquarters is where Satan Egos sits and gives orders to his minions, as well as the large Monster-Making Machine where he creates his "children" for usage by Commander Hedder and Salome and sends forth their giant robot duplicates which are referred as their "little brothers".

During a final battle to stop Egos from causing a massive calamity, Battle Fever storm the headquarters and become trapped within the Monster-Making Machine. Their escape starts a chain reaction that ends up destroying the headquarters, killing Salome and leading to Satan Egos growing massive size to a final battle where he is finally stopped.Final Ep.: The Symphony of the Heroes

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