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Icon-mmpr This article is about a planet referenced in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Masked Rider TV shows,
MMPR Edenoi


Edenoi was the home of Dex the Masked Rider, and also the planet where King Lexian built Alpha 5 (and potentially other Alpha series robots as well).

Planet Edenoi

Dex's flashbacks indicate that before Dregon's invasion, Edenoi was a forested, golden-looking planet. Afterwards it resembles a rocky desert, probably due to the poisonous gases mined by the enslaved inhabitants. It has two moons and an orange-pink sky.


Edenoites are the primary inhabitants of the planet Edenoi. They are humanoid, but evolved from insects. They possess crystals in the centers of their foreheads which flash when they speak or project their thoughts. According to Dex, the planet had lost the need for weapons by the time of Dregon's banishment.

Noted Residents

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