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Though known as Earth Imperial Prince Igam (地帝王子イガム Chiteiōshi Igamu), she is actually a woman assuming a male identity. She is also the twin sister of Princess Ial and a major villain in Hikari Sentai Maskman. In the Philippine Dub, her gender changed into a Princess instead of a Prince and was renamed as Princesa Igamu (Princess Igam) and she was voiced by Honey Almansec also voices her twin sister, Princess Ial.

Character History

As the eldest, Igam was raised as a male in order to one day take the throne of the Igam Royal Family kingdom, although it was taken from her when Zeba overthrew them. Though both princesses were forced to work for Zeba, Igam's position and the belief she was male made her rise up into one of the commanders, where she believed that by manipulating Zeba or getting on the right side with him, she would be able to retake the throne someday from him. She can fire red lasers from her right gauntlet and blue from her left, and she is fiercely honorable and vengeful.

Igam developed a hatred for Ial for disgracing their family name by falling in love with a human, wanting to kill her sister to restore the the Igam family's honor. But Zeba, using it to separate the sisters to preserve his dominion, prevented it. Since then, her sister's actions brought up by Baraba, Igam took out her frustrations on the human responsible: Takeru. Ep. 2: Strange! The Dark Underground CastleEp. 3: The First Step into the Unknown One of her attempts in killing Takeru involves conjuring the Death Ring, a family tradition where the user uses up their energy to project an electrified force field; this was stopped when it became apparant to Tube that Takeru, not Igam, was going to ultimately win in the showdown leading to her own death for the sake of pride.Ep. 10: Igam vs. Takeru

Many of Igam's abilities and skills were associated with her royal family, which she tried to use as matters of honor and of her own power. When Baraba gained the Royal Underground Sword, Igam is forced to turn to the Igam Dragon, her family's guardian beast, for aid.Ep. 31: It Appears! The Guardian Deity Igam Dragon Further, when underground refugees attempted to awaken the great Underground Knight Unas to assist in overthrowing Zeba's empire, Igam claimed him for her own usage due to its connection to the Igam Family, even after the one who becomes the knight turns out to be Maskman Akira. The duo work in collaboration until a massive Aura burst by the remaining Maskmen both change Akira back and weakens Igam to the point of revealing her true gender.Ep. 44: Transform! Underground Empire Swordsman AkiraEp. 45: Prince Igam! You're a Woman!

When Igam's identity as a woman is revealed, having fought her with all his strength, Takeru hesitates to fight Igam and attempts to reason with her, even though Igam continued to try and gain power to overcome her gender and crush the team, even to the point of nearly gaining power from the lake that gave birth to Lethal Doggler.Ep. 46: Counterattack! The Secret of the Demon Pond However, Kiros' manipulation of Baraba to gain the frozen corpse of her sister made Igam obsessively pursue him as part of a party that finally killed the thief knight, even as her reawakening sister did not care about him.Ep. 48: Baraba! Death by TreacheryEp. 49: The Revived Princess Ial

When the Maskmen reclaim Ial, Igam continues to try and eliminate them and her sister until a summoning of the Igam Dragon releases to Ial a sphere with the truth regading Emperor Zeba and revealing his identity as the child of the traitorous Lethal Doggler and the prophecy that twin sisters would finally bring him down, thus connecting it to herself as much as to Ial. Igam tries to deny it and stays on the side of Zeba as he begins to emit evil particles in the atmosphere to both raise the Underground Castle and to fully cover Earth in eternal darkness. After much convincing from her twin and seeing the sacrifice of her ninja Fumin to protect her and the will of the family, Igam finally decides to turn her back on Tube and assists in using the Igam Family pendant to amplify the massive Aura burst of the Maskmen, destroying the evil particles and finally completely changing Zeba back into Lethal Doggler II to be destroyed by the Maskmen. Yet after all she had done herself and witnessing everything Tube had performed with herself among the commiters, Igam decides to abandon her former life while giving the Underground to her sister, becoming a Buddhist nun and walking on a solo path in hopes of someday finding redemption and peace.Ep. 50: Zeba! His Hair-Raising Secret Identity


Final Ep.: The Great Destruction of the Underground Empire Castle!

Turboranger clipshow

Earth Imperial Prince/Princess Igam appears in the clips from Hikari Sentai Maskman seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.


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  • Both Igam and Ial were portrayed by Mina Asami.

Behind the Scenes

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Villain Notes

  • Although her gender would not be revealed until later in the series (being the only one to do so), she is the second female villain to have a female underling who would be rivals with their series' Yellow rangers as her Underling Fumin is rivals with Yellow mask, preceded by Farrah who has Farrah Cat, albeit briefly as she is only rivals with Mika Kozumi(but not Jun) and Followed by Doldora who has Zaza who is rivals with Remi/FiveYellow. Aside from being the only one not to have her gender revealed until later in the series, She is also the only one not to be killed, instead choosing to redeem herself, and the only one whose hair is fully concealed.