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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Dynamir is a Minotaur-motif Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of the Ox, having the power to turn people into metal plates with Rinzin-powered crescent beams. He first attack Dominic with the Spirit Rangers and turned him into a metal plate. Later, he attacks R.J. and Casey turning them into metal plates. Dynamir then attacks Lily and Theo's twin brother Lewin Martin‎ and then turns them into metal plates. After that, Theo attacks Dynamir and shatters the metal plates which turn everybody back to normal. Dynamir later grows and attack the Rhino Pride Megazord and the Jungle Master Megazord which he defeats the Jungle Master Megazord. The Wolf Pride Megazord with Bat Power and the Rhino Pride Megazord defeats Dynamir.

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