This article is about a/an parody dub in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Dynaman is a dubbed parody of the seventh Super Sentai series, Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Six episodes of the series were shown in the United States on the USA Network's Night Flight and alternately Nickelodeon's Special Delivery in 1987-88.

Six episodes are currently available on the online streaming service Night Flight Plus.


Dynaman 800-600 2



Red Wooshi
Black Huba
Blue Franky
Yellow Cowboy
Pink Slojin




  • Tech-Geared Watches
    • In the 1st episode of the parody: (Dr. Ho: "Wooshi, what time is it?" Wooshi: "5:00 in Tokyo!") (Dr. Ho: "Huba, what time is it?" Huba: "10:00 in LA!") (Dr. Ho: "Franky, what about you?" Franky: "5:00, yesterday in New York!") (Dr. Ho: "Cowboy, looking good in yellow!" Cowboy: "I hate this concept!") (Dr. Ho: "Slojin, girls like pink." Slojin: "No, I hate pink!")
  • Dyna Rod
  • Team Weapons
    • Dyna Swords
    • Cross Cutter
    • Battle Tector
    • Blue Frisbees
    • Jet Surfin'
    • Attack Board
    • Chain Crushers
    • Rose Saber
    • Flower Shield
  • Dyna Punch - When a Dynaman flexes their arms, their biceps enlarge, allowing them to deliver a powerful punch.
  • Team Attacks
    • Dyna Human Pinwheel - The finishing move of the team. They jump into the air, become a ball of light and fly into the enemy.
    • Mach Dash
    • Dyna Kicks - The team delivers consecutive kicks.
    • Rod Spark - The Dyna Rods are put together and flash.
    • Rod Beam - The team fires their Dyna Rods together.
  • Dyna Bike
  • Dyna Truck
  • Dyna Water Board



  1. Pilot Episode 1 (Cy Steinberg)
  2. Pilot Episode 2 (Rhinoman)
  3. Day of the Dolphin: Flipper's Revenge
  4. The Lizard of Oz
  5. The Seven Loves of Lucky Pierre
  6. The Last Adventure of Spunky the Wonder Squid
  7. 5th Annual Dynaman Convention

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