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This article is about a/an carrier mecha in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.
Carries: Dyna Mach
Dyna Mobile
Dyna Garry
Pilot/Summoner: Dynaman
Sentai Show: Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
Length: 87 m
Width: m
Height: m
Weight: 1260 t
Speed: Mach 6
270 km/h

Dy Jupiter (ダイジュピター Dai Jupitā): The flying fortress that stores the Dyna Robo's mecha components. It is armed with a missile launcher on the edge of each wing.

Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

Years later, Dyjupiter appeared as part of an army of robots, animals, jets, machines and vehicles belonging to the first 25 red heroes. As anticipated by Soukichi Banba (Big One), they were led by Akira Shinmei (AoRenger) and Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura to help fight Lost Highness Rakushaasa. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai


  • Its name is Dyna Ship in the English dub.


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