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This article is about a/an villainous mecha in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

DumbbellZord (ダンベルゾード, Danberuzōdo) (A-01) is a MegaZord Beta, with the properties of the Dumbbellloid, namely the chest and arms, allowing it to have the Dumbbellloid's massive barbell to function as it's weapon.

This MegaZord first fought Buster Heracles, but managed to get in close and grappled with the Buster MegaZord. They separated when GT-02 Gorilla arrived at the scene and blasted through the grapple.

The DumbbellZord stood little chance, as GT-02 whaled on the MegaZord with a one-two punch, then a dropkick to send it flying off it's feet.

The MegaZord was shut down when GT-02 used the barbell the MegaZord threw at it to hit it into the sky like a baseball, then unleashed a barrage of it's missiles.


  • Height: 43.0 m
  • Weight: 2350 t

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