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Duke Org DoroDoro (デュークオルグ ドロドロ, Dūku Orugu Dorodoro, 42 & 43): A ninja Duke Org who appeared seemingly out of nowhere to aid Highness Duke Org Rasetsu, bent on achieving his master's goal no matter the cost. A master of Org Ninpo, he created illusions of Shrine Bell, Tire, Clock, Magic Flute and Animal-Tamer Org to distract the Gaorangers while he had Duchess Org Tsuetsue capture Tetomu for him. Later, DoroDoro then uses his Shadow Clone Ninpo to create the Shade Rangers (影レンジャー, Kagerenjā), shadow-clones of the Gaorangers, whom they could not destroy without killing themselves in the process. But it was by dumb luck while following Rasetsu's order to punish Yabaiba that his Ninpo backfired on him, creating "Kage DoroDoro" that the Rangers destroyed with the Falcon Summoner, the Kage Rangers died along with him. Yabaiba made one final attempt to please Rasetsu's order by reviving Dorodoro. On Rasetsu's order, DoroDoro takes the Rangers in another dimension where the spirits of dead Orgs reside. However, with Tetomu's help, GaoLion evoked the formation of GaoKentaurus who destroys DoroDoro to bring the gang back to the real world.



  • Duke Org DoroDoro was designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

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