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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.
"Well, at least I had a good run!"
―Final words before his death
Dragonflay is the fourth Insectoid assigned to Earth by Admiral Malkor to represent Warstar in battle. He is dragonfly-themed and shares the noteworthy speed of its nearly namesake.

Character History

Dragonflay was sent down by Creepox to spread chaos. In an effort to impress Malkor and prove Vrak wrong, Dragonflay is invoked to attack humanity and deal with the Mega Rangers by using raw speed.

He could run highly fast and release focused lasers from his eyes but was no match for the Rangers once they learned to feel his location by tuning their senses and feeling the air current he produced while moving.

While Creepox deals with Troy, Dragonflay tangles with the other Mega Rangers.

He is first defeated by the Mega Blasters' Sea Blast.

He grows thanks to Vrak's Zombats and is destroyed by the Land Gosei Great Megazord's Land Strike.


Dragonflay is fast-minded and relates everything to speed. He is confident in his abilities. He misjudges the potential of the Rangers to catch up with him and dies after losing his sole advantage in battle.

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