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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.
Episode: Stranger Ranger
Season: Megaforce
Voice Actor: Robert Mignault

Dragonflay is the fourth Warstar alien sent down by the Insectoids. He is dragonfly-themed. In an effort to impress Admiral Malkor and prove that Vrak's purely intellectual way of acting is wrong, Creepox summons Dragonflay to attack humanity and deal with the Mega Rangers by striking fast and hard through the classic brute force approach.

Character History

Dragonflay was sent down by Creepox to spread chaos.

He could run at super speed and release focused lasers from his eyes but was no match for the Rangers once they learned to feel his location by tuning their senses. While Creepox deals with Troy, Dragonflay tangles with the other Mega Rangers.

He is first defeated by the Mega Blasters' Sea Blast.

He grows thanks to Vrak's Zombats and is destroyed by the Land Gosei Great Megazord's Land Strike.


Dragonflay is a fast-minded being who relates everything to velocity. He is determined and, like most Insectoids, much too overconfident in his abilities. He misjudges the reflexes and potential of the Rangers to catch up with his speed, which leads to his death after his sole advantage in battle is eliminated.

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