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Dora Unicorn (ドーラユニコーン, Dōra Yunikōn) (45): A winged unicorn Dora Monster who took advantage of an environmentalist boy named Kouichi, so that any attack inflicted on him is felt by Kouichi via the monster's horn. But Kouichi managed to undo the synchronization with the memories of his father as Geki succeeded in destroying the horn, putting the monster at a disadvantage. Killed by Daizyujin while riding King Tankor, using a special attack involving kinetic energy greatly enhancing the Godhorn strike, which was needed against the very powerful monster.


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  • Dora Unicorn is the last Dora Monster to be grown by Bandora's magic.
    • He is also the last Dora Monster to be destroyed by Daizyujin's Godhorn strike.