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MMPR skeletonwarriors

Dora Skelton's grunts

Dora Skelton (ドーラスケルトン Dōra Sukeruton, 2): A skeleton with a large hat, who could reassemble his body after being blown apart. When the Zyuranger went after a miniaturized shuttle holding two boys, Bandora dispatched him to lure them into a trap.

His flying, disembodied skull could teleport people to a shadowy world. He was the only Dora Monster with his own grunts. Killed when TigerRanger threw his head down a lava pit causing his body to be destroyed. Though he failed to kill the Zyurangers, he managed to destroy their original weapons, forcing them to go on a quest to find the Legendary Weapons.

Character History

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Behind the Scenes


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  • Its name is most likely a reference to American comedian Red Skelton.

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