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Dora Ladon (ドーララドゥーン Dōra Radūn) (13): A snake/lizard Dora Monster whose source of power was the golden-apple on his head. Knowing that Mei could be its downfall, Bandora infected her with a poisoned apple, which put her to sleep a la Snow White. Dora Ladon used his snake-arrow to have small youth-draining apple-trees sprout from children's heads. Ladon could also open his large mouth to spit out poisonous snakes at his foes, which would wrap up and weaken their targets. He had the upper hand against the others until Mei appeared, having managed to wake. She used her Ptera Arrow to destroy the monster's apple and thus weakened him so he could be destroyed with the Howling Cannon.



concept art

  • Ladon is a dragon from Greek myth, who guarded the apples in the Garden of the Hesperides

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