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Dora Endos (ドーラエンドス Dōra Endosu, 16): A pineapple/octopus monster. Posing as a clown, he could create soccer balls that contained a sneezing powder, using a boy named Isamu to do the dirty work by playing on his emotions after being rejected by his peers. Once in his true form, he could spew little globs of exploding energy, and spray his sneezing powder. His body was full of sneezing powder, so he dared the ZyuRangers to use the howling cannon on him. His only weakness was exposure to water and cold. Knowing this, they fought him with the individual guardian beasts rather than kill him with Daizyujin's godhorn which would have spread the powder. Killed by Tyrannosaurus after Guardian Beast ZyuMammoth managed to immobilize him by freezing him solid.

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  • His name comes from the Greek word “éndon” (ἔνδον). The Greek “entos” (εντος) can be translated as “within”. Dora Endos said that destroying him would unleash all of the sneezing powder inside his body.

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