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Dora Circe (ドーラキルケ Dōra Kiruke) (8): A pig monster who lives only to eat, causing famine in the process. His only weakness is the rare herb Moly. Though initially deemed a failed sculpture by Pleprechuan, Bandora ordered him to bring Dora Circe to life after going on a crash diet and growing annoyed at an overweight family's enjoyment of their mealtime. Dora Circe immediately began to eat everything in sight, and was too fast to be seen by normal humans. When battling the Zyurangers, Dora Circe swallowed their weapons, but was driven away by Gnome's golfing attacks. Gnome revealed that he possessed Moly and gave it to Boi after he beat him in an eating contest. Through deception, the gang managed to get Circe to eat the Moly, which caused him to throw up everything he ate. Circe was then destroyed by the Howling Cannon as Bandora was too weakened by hunger to use her magic to grow him.

Dora Circe was inspired by the Greek sorceress Circe who turned men into animals based on their personalities (IE-gluttons into pigs) and whose magic was neutralized by Moly.


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