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"Why, Cassidy, when evil has always come very natural to me."
―Donkeyvac´s words while is interviewed for Cassidy.[src]

Donkeyvac is a monster combined with DNA of a Donkey and a fruit called a Pomegranate, and a vacuum. He was sent to steal the youth from the citizens of Reefside for Mesogog to convert into energy. He stole the energy from famous pop star Kylee Styles, as well as Devin and Cassidy. He is destroyed by the Z-Rex Blaster and then again by the Thundersaurus Megazord.

Powers and Abilities

  • Absorb Youth: Combined with a vacuum, Donkeyvac can steal the youth which it will convert the humans into elders.
  • Shoot explosive Pomegranates: Donkeyvac shoot these pomegranate through his nose, so that can explode on contact to his enemies.
  • Super Suction: Combined with a vacuum, Donkeyvac can sucks his enemies and to electrocute when his enemies is near of the monster.

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