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Dokyura is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A bat-like Space Beast from the planet of vampires. Has the ability to fly and fight with sharp teeth and claws. His special technique is to "bite" people using a tube that emerges from his mouth; the bite infects anyone hit by it that he chooses with a virus that turns them into a pale-skinned bloodsucker similar to the legends of vampires. The people infected can turn back to normal, but will become vampires again when Dokyura emits an ultrasonic wave that awakens the effect of the virus. Although initially protecting himself with an army of young females he created on Earth prior to meeting with the Gozma, the Changeman are able to seize most of the infected girls and place them in a room where his ultrasonic shriek would not reach them; while Oozora uses a girl he befriended infected by the alien bloodsucker to draw him out and defeat him in an aerial battle before destroying him with the Power Bazooka, then Change Robo.Ep. 8: The Young Lady is a Vampire


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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