Doc. Akira

Doctor Akira Yamagata (山形 晃 博士 Yamagata Akira-hakase, 2122): The deceased creator of Galaxy Robo and a close friend of Commander Sanjuurou Sugata. During the early development of the M-Project, Yamagata built Galaxy Robo by himself in order to provide the future Maskman team with another robot in addition to Sugata's Great Five. However, he died during a freak accident while testing out Galaxy Robo. Doctor Yamagata is survived by his only daughter, Yumi (由美), who believes that Galaxy Robo, which was programmed with a free will, was responsible for her father's death. However, Yamagata's recording during his final test run with Galaxy Robo proves that his death was entirely accidental and was not Galaxy Robo's fault.