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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Megaforce.
Episode: Harmony and Dizchord
Season: Megaforce
Voice Actor: Dean Young

Dizchord is a cricket-themed Warstar alien. He is the sixth Insectoid sent to Earth in an attempt to take over the planet and is summoned by Admiral Malkor to deal with the Mega Rangers in an unorthodox manner after he realizes his subordinates have done nothing more than to delay their invasion plans.

Character History

Despite being horrible at singing and playing, Dizchord fancies himself as the best musician in the universe. Admiral Malkor agreed since he was a fan of his.

He was sent down to Earth to create painful music with his guitar armor. Virtually everyone near him who hears his music is physically harmed by it, especially Emma and Troy.

Oddly enough, Mr. Burley and Ernie enjoy the music, and didn't seem to be harmed by it.

He can blast sonic booms from his twin guitar chest, in battle.

Normal 6-164
Dizchord and Vrak

His music can also increase the strength of the Loogies, during battle.

His music is ruined by Emma's singing, which somehow causes nature to grow, react, etc. (Though since it was at march it might just be a coincidence with the growing). when she is around and singing.

The Megaforce Rangers use the distraction and nature effects to help defeat him.

He is regenerated by Zombats, after being destroyed the first time, by the Megaforce Blaster.

He is then destroyed a second time by the Gosei Great Megazord.

Before he was destroyed, Vrak acted as his music agent.

They both tried to use an amplifier to cause all of Earth to hear Dizchord's destructive sound, but to no avail.


Dizchord is an active and playful musician who prefers to deal with matters through music. He is well-aware of the destructive power his sound does but still tones with great sarcasm, bragging about how he is good while incapacitating his foes. Being able to strengthen the Loogies gives him a solid advantage in battle and his music has a terrible pitch that further damages anyone who hears it. Despite being so naive, he is a proficient fighter but proves no match for the Mega Rangers. In the end, his overconfidence in his music proves to be his undoing as the Rangers counteract its effects with Emma's voice as well as with their own tune when he battles them as a giant.


  • His name is similar to Dischordia from MMPR and his ability is similar to the monster in Turbo's The Song Of Confusion.
  • The way he is incapacitated and later defeated is similar to the way Guitardo was.

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