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Distractor is a spider-like Toxic Mutant that assisted Vrak while he tried to obtain the Wild Sword. He possesses the ability to cast illusions of Toxic Mutants to confuse and distract his foes.

Character History

Distractor is hired by Vrak to keep the Megaforce occupied while he seeks the Wild Sword.

His ruse is found out by Robo Knight, who holds him off while the Rangers continue towards the Black Mountains.

After Vrak tricks them into releasing the weapon, Vrak steals it and Distractor accompanies him as the alien tests out the power of his new possession. Distractor is empowered with it, allowing him to give his phantoms physical form, gaining the upper hand.

The Wild Sword, however, is won over by the Rangers and converts into the Ultra Zords and the Megaforce gains access to the Ultra Mode.

They completely overpower Vrak and obliterate Distractor and his ghost army with the Ultra Strike.


A bit of a mischievous troublemaker who tends to perform like an actor but doesn't know when to keep quiet about his plans.



Distractor is portrayed by Scott Wills.

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