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Disney is an animation company first founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney in Hollywood on October 13th 1923.

In 2001, Disney acquired the rights to Power Rangers as part of a package deal with the rest of the Saban Entertainment library (which included Digimon) when Disney purchased Fox Family (renamed ABC Family). Initially Disney had cancelled the show after its first season under their ownership Power Rangers Wild Force, with plans to run the 10 seasons in syndication on ABC Kids and ABC Family. However they were persuaded by Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen that the show could be produced with a fraction of the cost if filming moved to New Zealand. Disney agreed, and the entire voice-over cast and crew (some of whom had been with the show from the start) were fired, with only the stunt team relocating with the show.

There was a brief attempt to restart the franchise from scratch instead of tie in to the Saban shows but this was later dropped.[1]

Disney wanted to make the show on a low budget (Bruce Kalish and Jackie Marchand have said there wasn't even furniture in the writers room, though John Tellegen says this is a joke he started) and demanded stock footage heavy episodes to help with that. [2][3]

Despite an initial marketing push, after a few years Disney grew tired of the franchise - according to RPM producer Eddie Guzelian, Disney were embarrassed to even be airing the show let alone producing it. They attempted to cancel it after Jungle Fury but were persuaded by Bandai and Jetix UK to make another when they agreed to help fund it. After RPM, Disney successfully cancelled the show in 2009 and then repeated edited versions of Mighty Morphin. Saban later reacquired the rights to the franchise and revived it with Power Rangers Samurai.

Disney Era Ranger Series

Animated Series Plans

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Disney originally had plans to create an animated version of the Power Rangers. A pilot script was written[4] and initial designs made. [5] The plan was later cancelled for unknown reasons.



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