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This article is about a/an toyline featuring elements in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Show Dino Super Charge
Inclusive lines: Mixx N Morph
Ultimate Mixx Set
Debut year: 2016
Released by: Bandai America
Production Order
Dino Charge (Toyline)
Ninja Steel (toyline)
Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge items late of 2015 in preparation for the arrival of the series in 2016.

5" Action Figures

  • Dino Steel Red Ranger Action Hero
  • Dino Steel Blue Ranger Action Hero
  • Dino Steel Pink Ranger Action Hero
  • Dino Steel Green Ranger Action Hero
  • Dino Steel Black Ranger Action Hero
  • Purple Ranger Action Hero
  • Aqua Ranger Action Hero
  • Plesio Charge Megazord
  • Dino Drive Gold Ranger
  • Dino Drive Graphite Ranger
  • Dino Drive Aqua Ranger
  • Dino Drive Purple Ranger
  • Villain Snide
  • Villain Ninja
  • Villain Game Face


  • Stunt Bikes With Figures

Ultimate Mixx Set

  • White Mighty Morphin Ranger and Tigerzord
  • Red Dino Charge Ranger with Dino Charge Megazord
  • Gold Samurai Ranger
  • Clawzord


  • Deluxe Plesio Charge Megazord
  • Dino Zord with Charger
  • Deluxe Dino Zord with Charger

12" Figures

  • Red Ranger
  • Blue Ranger
  • Green Ranger
  • Black Ranger
  • T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger
  • Snide

Mixx N Morph

Mixx N Morph Figures

  • Dino Charge Red Ranger
  • Dino Charge Aqua Ranger
  • Dino Charge Graphite Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Black Ranger

Mixx N Morph Deluxe Packs

  • Dino Charge Gold Ranger
  • Ptera Zord
  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Roleplay Toys

  • Dino Super Drive Saber
  • T-Rex Super Charge Morpher
  • Missile Launch Morpher
  • Deluxe Silver Ranger Morpher
  • Dino Charge Power Pack - Series 1 and 2
  • Trainings Hero Set

Ultimate Mixx Set

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