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This article is about a/an auxillary zord in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


The Dimetrozord is a cyan auxiliary Zord patterned after a Dimetrodon. The saw on its back can cut anything and defeat the Thundersaurus Megazord with the impact. It can form a buzz saw weapon for the Thundersaurus Megazord or the Dino Stegazord. It first appears in Beneath the Surface. It also can also combine with Cephalazord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord and Mezodon Rover to form the Triceramax Megazord.

Dimetro Dino Morpher

on the Dino Morpher.

Megazord Formations

Thundersaurus Megazord Dimetro Saw Blade

See also: AbarenOh Nagurusu

The Dimetro Buzz Saw Blade was used with Thundersaurus Megazord. It had the ability to break through barriers.

Cephala Power Punch/Dimetro Saw Blade

See also: KillerOh Nagurusu Nokodon

The Cephalazord and Dimetrozord can combine with the Dino Stegazord to give it access to the Cephala Power Punch and Dimetro Saw Blade attacks.

Other Combinations


  • The Dimetrozord is the only Dinozord that is not technically a dinosaur or a pterasaur at all. Dimetrodons were actually mammal-like reptiles that lived in the Permian Period, well before the time of the dinosaurs. They lived somewhere between 280 to 265 million years ago and are more closely linked to mammals than reptiles.

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