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This article is about a/an monster in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Dimensional Ninja Futabutabou (次元忍者フタブタ坊 Jigenin Futabutabō?, 7, Movie): A Pig Chunin, the strongest in Chuuzubo's group. Using his Space Ninpou: Dimensional Pig (宇宙忍風 次元豚 Uchuuninpō: Jigenbuta?), he brought the Hurricanegers into his own personal dimension where he is defeated and forced to retreat, much to Chuuzubo's dismay. In the 2nd round, Futabutabo was prepared, using his ninpo to draw Solar Flares into his attacks. Though defeated by Senpuujin's Sword Slasher, he was resurrected, only to be killed again by Senpuujin.


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