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This article is about a/an group of villains in the Super Sentai series.
Devil Jark (デビルジャーク) is

The Devil Jark

the video game-exclusive villains from Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross.


DevilJark thumb-1-

Character of this work original. Villainy who had been trapped in the prison of the black hole.

  • Daifobosu (ダイフォボス Daifobosu): Boss of the Devil jerk. I weapons and the power of fire and sword. Torment FiveRangers traps and were transformed himself in the "fake FiveRangers" a variety of nominated FiveRangers for vent the anger that has lost four executives.
  • Aigaion (アイガイオン Aigaion): I speak in a ponderous tone looks street in Phantom of the form, such as a rock. In addition to attacking with a strong power, there is also be a form of "fake engine O" and "Buredoran of comet" nemesis Goseiger former in the power of Daifobosu.
  • Jupitarian (ジュピタリアン Jupitarian): Executive that specializes in attacks with a huge sword and lightning. To encounters and confrontation Gokaiger It was the middle of your treasure hunt. To transform or "fake Shinkenger" also "fake Shinken'o" at that time.
  • Vuiserasu (ヴィーセラス Vu~īserasu): Phantom woman who received a courtship than Daifobosu. To confront the real thing when you have been engaged in a bad and turns into a "fake Go-onger". Will be transformed into executives who had brought down so far in the power of Daifobosu further.
  • Makyuria (マーキュリア Mākyuria): Phantom of the high-handed personality. There is also a surface that was sporting, etc. become the same as the number of people Shinkenger when it was transformed into a Shinkenger let ourselves While attacking tricky such as teleportation and alter ego.
  • Karakkara (カラッカラ Karakkara): Born from sparks emitted from the body of a Daifobosu combatants Devil jerk. Weapons sharp claws.
  • Garaggara (ガラッガラ Garaggara): figure Karakkara was huge in the power of Beebe insects Devil jerk had to get secretly.
  • Gaia Breath Advertiser (ガイアブレスタイザー Gaiaburesutaizā): Figure of the Devil jerk true. I make full use of the power of the executive of all a huge figure lower body became like a snake.


1) [From translated by Google Translate.]

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