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Devil Bōma (デビルボーマ Debiru Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Yamimaru

Character History

Devil Boma works with Yamimaru and Kirika in a scheme beneficial to itself: the capture and eating of Seelon on her birthday due to fairies releasing their aura from their bodies on their birthday, making it the only time said aura is available to be taken by anyone. By eating Seelon, Devil Boma's ultimate hope is not only power but to gain immortality, which it would have from eating an aura-released fairy for one complete hour in his body. Using his tiny clones, he eats Seelon and begins to gain her power, but the Turboranger try to fight to get her back, even with the possibility that Seelon would die if Devil Boma is killed while she's still inside him.

Angered and with limited time before Seelon is completely absorbed, Riki goes on the warpath to defeat Devil Boma but do so to allow for the fairy to be freed from his body. Ultimately, the key to saving the fairy involved a special pendant the Turborangers and Dr. Dazai gave Seelon for her birthday which gives off an electric current with its power; creating an electric current through his GT Sword, Red Turbo stabs Devil Boma and uses it and the necklace to create a hole large enough for the fairy to finally escape. With Seelon safe (even with Devil Boma still upgraded), Riki finishes Devil Boma off; then the team uses Turbo Rugger to stop the Boma Beast once Yamimaru grows him.


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Its main arsenal includes a liquid that melts material like acid as well as a sword used for combat. It can also create two small "clones" that it uses for its ultimate scheme of eating a fairy on the anniversary of its birth so that it can absorb its aura, both gaining power as well as ultimately becoming immortal. When it eats a fairy, it undergoes multiple changes, including longer nails and longer dreadlock-like protrusions.

Behind the Scenes


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