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"Hello, Rangers. Remember me?"

Destruxo is a lobster-themed monster under the orders of Scorpius' second general, Treacheron, sent to the Terra Venture to obtain the Lights of Orion. He uses his staff and a enchanted compass to locate the power of the Lights hidden in Terra Venture.


In order to successfully search the Lights, Destruxo had the Stingwingers erect a force field over a part of Terra Venture's central city dome. In the process of creating the force field, he unknowingly trapped Maya and Kendrix Morgan inside with the rest of the populace. The two refused to divulge how they managed to get inside the field and attacked the monster head on only to be beaten when the lack of air became apparent. Reluctantly, the two retreated, allowing the monster's search to continue. A culmination of events outside the force field eventually lead Destruxo's defeat. The Magna Defender's failed attempts to destroy the shield with the Torozord, followed by a combined attack from both Maya and Kendrix, allowed Maya time to destroy his force field generator.


Destruxo after infusing himself with the Lights of Orion.

Finally the Lights of Orion emerged from underneath Terra Venture's soil, Destruxo gave chase after the Lights, but they retreated into deep space. The Lights later returned to Terra Venture, Destruxo captured them and infused himself with their power. He managed to beat all five Galaxy Rangers with little trouble, injuring them to the point where they demorphed after a devastating attack from his sword. Destruxo's newfound power was short-lived, however, as the beaded-snake necklace, gifted to him by Impostra disguised as Treacheron, weakened him to some degree.

Impostra, declaring her victory, prepared to capture the Lights inside the very urn she gave Destruxo. However, her plans were thwarted by the arrival of the Magna Defender, forcing her to retreat. The Magna Defender blasted Destruxo with the Magna Blaster, destroying the union between him and the Lights. The Lights of Orion then chose the Galaxy Rangers over the Defender (who would've used them to destroy Scorpius), and the Rangers destroyed Destruxo in one blow with their "Power Up Mode" fireball attack.

Destruxo was later revived by Hexuba in The Lost Galaxy, there he fought the Rangers beneath the Half-pipe Bridge. A combination of sword slashes from Leo, Karone, and Maya were enough to kill Destruxo a second time.


  • Given his red body, his high-pitched and squeaky voice, his status of being nigh-indestructible (for a time), and his obsession with stealing an important object, it seems the inspiration for the American personality of Destruxo was the Whammy from the 1980s game show Press Your Luck; whenever a player hit a Whammy on the Big Board, the cash and/or prizes they had accumulated up to that point would be taken away (represented by an on-screen animation, often involving the Whammy being humiliated somehow), and if the player hit 4 Whammies, they were out of the game.
  • Destruxo is the first out of only two monsters in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy that was able to call upon the Lights of Orion and use their power. The second was Chameliac , whose Lights of Orion was actually just a copy of the Rangers' own, but both monsters still had their own Power-Up Mode.

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