This article is about a/an villain in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Destruction God Gordom (破壊神ゴードム Hakai-shin Gōdomu) was an unseen alien came from the outer space during the ancient times and worshipped by the Gordom Civilization.

Character History

40,000 years ago, Gordom arrived on Earth and ruled the sea. He was worshipped as a god by a civilian that would known by the name Gordom Civilization. Eventually he died sometime later and what remains from was preserved by the Gordom Civilization, his heart and brain, which would came to known as Gordom Precious by the modern day Super Sentai, Boukenger.


Despite his death, his heart and brain remains where the heart was used to empower the Giant God Gordom, the robotic form of the Gordom Shrine which modeled after said God. In the final battle against Arch Priest Gajah, Gordom Civilization's current leader, he absorbed Gordom's heart, transforming into Gajadom, a hybrid of the destruction god. While Gajadom still requires Gordom's brain, but his heart is enough to turn him stronger than the aforementioned god.

Powers and Abilities

Godlike Powers
It is implied that Gordom is tremendously powerful enough so much that he was worshipped as a god in the ancient times.