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Desert of Despair

The Desert of Despair is a desert located in the Rutabaga system, specifically in Rutabaga 6.Going Green Near its caverns are ghostly purple smoke. The fields are filled with traps such as quicksand and highly combustible precious stones. Its foreboding nature makes it the perfect location for the Temple of Power which is the source of the Power Coins. Though the Desert of Despair is common knowledge to aliens such as Zordon and Rita Repulsa, the Temple is believed to be a myth.

The Rangers once journeyed here to attempt to find the creator of the Power Coins, Ninjor. Ninja Quest It was also revealed that a statue of Ninjor had once housed the Green Ranger's Power Coin, which had been guarded from afar by Rooten-Toomen and taken by Rita Repulsa. Going Green


  • The Desert of Despair is the desert around the Vasquez Rocks, the VERY SAME desert as the one the scenes around the Command Center are filmed.
    • The Vasquez Rocks have a long and storied history tied to Hollywood. They have been used for numerous Westerns, were the site of the fort exterior used in the classic TV series Rin-Tin-Tin, and are best known to sci-fi fans as the site of the famous "Gorn" fight in the original Star Trek series. This last distinction has led to both fans and locals giving the area the nickname "Kirk's Rock".
  • The search for Ninjor parallels the quest for the Great Power in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie.
  • Considering how powerful the Power Coins have shown to be, why Ninjor kept the Dragon Coin in a statue of Ninjor himself without protection or security in the desert and not with himself within the Temple of Power is very perplexing.