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This article is about a/an mecha and its components in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
Combined From: MagiFirebird
Sentai Show: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
First Appearance: Stage 31: The Extraordinary Majin
Last Appearance: Final Stage: Return to Legends
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Length: 39.6 m
Width: 31.2 m
Height: 48 m
Weight: 9400 t
Speed: km/h
Power: 50,000,000

"Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin! Legendary Fusion~MagiLegend!"

MagiLegend (マジレジェンド MajiRejendo): Also known as the "Extraordinary Majin". The fusion of MagiFirebird and MagiLion when the Magirangers use the spell "Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin" (5), triggering the "Legendary Fusion!" (伝説合身 Densetsu Gasshin). Armed with the Screw Calibur (スクリューカリバー Sukuryū Karibā), MagiLegend performs the "Magical Climax" finishers, as well as the Fire Tornado, Legend Fire Slash and Final Slash attacks. Also armed with "Lion Claws" (ライオンの爪 Raion no Tsume), which MagiLegend can retract for hands. Its suit actor was Hirofumi_Fukuzawa.


Component Mecha


See also: Mystic Firebird

"Maagi Golu Majuulu!"

MagiFirebird (マジファイヤーバード MajiFaiyābādo): Also known as the "Crimson Firebird". Legend MagiRed's Majuu Form when he uses the spell "Maagi Golu Majuulu" (3) on his DialRod. Forms MagiLegend's back and wings and the ScrewCalibur.


See also: Mystic Lion

"Maagi Giruma Golu Gogoolu!"

MagiLion (マジライオン MajiRaion): Also known as the "Lion of Four Colors". Legend MagiYellow, Legend MagiBlue, Legend MagiPink, and Legend MagiGreen's Majuu Form when they use the spell "Maagi Giruma Golu Gogoolu" (4) on their DialRods. Forms most of MagiLegend (head, body, limbs).

See Also

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